This is the most common question insurance companies in Thailand are asked. The answer, however, depends on a number of factors.

First, you should understand that car insurance premiums are usually fixed for 3 months at a time for car insurance and 1 month at a time for motorbike insurance, so depending on when you start your cover will determine if it’s the best time to take out car or motorbike insurance. If you take car insurances as an example, as car policies work by way of European style “claims made” coverage, should you make a claim during that 3-month period then your remaining 2 months would be canceled, and potentially the whole year could be void resulting in having to re-apply first before getting protected again (not what you want to hear).

Secondly, what you need to understand is that car and motorbike insurance premiums can be very high for younger drivers and so if you qualify as one of the lower rates (e.g. over the 40s) it could be a better deal to simply renew your policy at 3-month intervals all year round without having to worry about making a claim for 12 months, than taking out car or motorbike insurance mid-year when car insurance premiums are normally much higher.

There are however even more factors to consider such as circumstances that could drastically affect premiums e.g. incorrect information on your car’s registered HP resulting in it being classed as a sports car requiring higher cover etc., but we won’t go into those as those are all different cases.

In short, car and motorbike insurance premiums can vary greatly from month to month, so if you need car or motorbike insurance in Thailand then the only way to find out what is best for you is to call a car or motorbike insurance broker who will be able to check the car for your specific situation and provide you with a quote at that particular time which could save you money. Real car and motorbike insurance brokers in Thailand can be found at car and motorbike insurance brokers.

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