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Digital Strategy.

With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Kent Ebert founded Digital Social Media Works in 2005. Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and Seattle, Digital Social Media Works creates social media marketing campaigns. A brand marketing consultant with a passion for social media, Kent helps businesses successfully create their own social media strategies.

Creative Design.

We’ve always said that UX and UI design can be combined with creative and design departments; and, although this is what we see happening in the industry right now, it’s certainly not the only way to create an incredible product. Of course, design departments still exist, and we absolutely see designers working closely with designers and developers – but we also know that they can offer so much more.

Performance Build.

But who needs really fancy stuff, when you have code that performs really well right out of the box! Like in the picture below?
Overall performance of your code is all about how fast it runs on a machine. This is generally defined as the frame rate, but you want your code to be fast regardless of the machine and how you load it. You want to use all your CPU power to generate code and then let it run.

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I’ve been working with AngularJS quite a bit in the past few years. But I have to admit, I am somewhat skeptical. Just about every talk I’ve seen on Angular, I’ve turned to Google to find out if what they are talking about is real or not. What I can’t say is that Angular is bad, but that’s not saying much. It’s hard to know for sure when you are getting into a new field.